Sunday, October 23, 2011

You are WOK you eat.

Hello again! It is an intense study night, BUT we got a wok. pretty legit. Beautiful yummy fried rice with mushroom, carrots, yellow peppers, eggs, and left over grilled chicken. Not too shabby for a sunday night while cramming to finish some hdubs.

Study timeee!

This makes miso happy.

Hello world. Welcome to Apartment Number Seven, where we make delicious food for all of you to fantasize about.

Anyways.... last night Esther and I had a wonderful sushi date. Spicy California Hand Rolls and mushroom-y Miso Soup... kinda like a Japanese version of taco night, cause everyone gets to make their own :)

Eating sushi reminds me of summer. And the miso soup warms me up, which is a good thing because it is indeed not summer right now. But we can still pretend :)