Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sally Army

I love thrift stores!

If you are just starting out and trying to live well on a budget (e.g. college student :) ), you need to get yourself over to Salvation Army and buy just oodles of appliances. They'll cost you $5-$10 (woo!) and appliances are awesome.


Some of my favorite Sally Army purchases:

George Foreman Grill - a healthy, easy way to cook meat and it makes fantastic paninis! Someday Savannah will post about her MIT paninis ...mmmhm. (She put the recipe on her application to MIT, and she got in. True story.) $6.99

Bread maker. Fresh bread. Heck yeah. $6.99

And of course, our wok. $4.99

So yay for stuff! And by the way, I'm pretty happy that our blog just reached 100 page views. I know, that's really lame :) but in celebration I gave it a little makeover, and look at this:
Our QR code! I think that's kinda nifty.

Have a great day!